Very Early 13″ Zildjian paper thin hats

A very early set of  Zildjian As in super thin weights.    454 grams and 510 grams           circa 1938 -40s

Both cymbals have different stamps but both are from a very close time frame when people bought individual cymbals and paired them up. The top lighter hat 454g is a one of the first stamps that American Zildjian used in the late 30s, the bottom hat is a 40s Trans-stamp type one 510g. Both have been together for a least 70 years. There are a few very small edge dings but both seat together like a dream. Both have very heavy patinas with even a touch of green in there. Almost no keyhole!

Being so thin these are really Jazz hats, VERY fast, dark, tight, the stick sound changes with pressure, a beautiful chick on the foot. Stunning hats!!

Price: £SOLD!!



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