1940s WMP Radio King Drum set 24/13/16

A very nice but heavily worn 40s RK Could Badge set. I’m sure this one could tell a story or two! As you can see, plenty of wrap wear, yellowing and wrap cracking. Other issues are : non original metal work parts, Bassdrum claws and Ts and floortom legs, (Although the Ts and claws are period correct).There are also three very small holes under the diamond plate of the 13″ tom. To clarify, all shells are solid and sound and all wrap is tight. Snare stand is for display only.

The Good :  24″ Virgin bassdrum sounds utterly stunning, full warm tone but punchy and massive all at the same time. All the edges are original and in good shape, Modern heads fit on all drums and tunes up well.

Selling at a discounted price due to the cosmetics ..

Price: £SOLD




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