1970s Gretsch Aqua Flame

1970s Gretsch Aqua Flame.   22/13/16  + Brass snare.

One of the coolest colours in my opinion, morphs under stage lights and as you walk round it.

Like most of the flame sets the wrap is checked and scratched, not seen from a few feet away and is reflected in the price.

This kit sounds so good !. The thinner wrap allows for the shells to breath and resonate better. The edges are all great, dampeners present on all drums and even the original front Gretsch head hasn’t been ported or cut.

The rail mount is missing the top section and all bass Ts are missing.

Not many of these around with 22” bass drums(mostly 20”s) and factory COB snare with original key and 42 strand wires. Snare is in fantastic condition. No extra holes or mods anywhere on this Gretsch.


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