Gretsch RB mid 60s Jazz set 18” bass

Up for grabs, a rare and beautiful mid 60s Factory matched Gretsch Roundbadge,   12/14 and 18×14

There are small extra holes on the bass from the rail mount being moved, the 12” also has 2 small holes from a different mount.

Many years ago the set was stripped and refinished in Lacquer, it’s such a good job that it looks original, the tacks look untouched and not pecked at on the inside, the finish now has some age wear but still looks glossy and has some really nice grain in the shells, all edges good and the 18” has its tag with correct code, surprising how many of those tags are missing on 18s., surprising how many fakes there are.

These very rarely cone up for sale and this one is half price of one in original finish with no holes.

Killer sounding set!


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