1937 WFL Lyre Badge Swing Model        14×7

A Great WFL players snare in a huge liquid looking BDP pattern, the Lyre badge was only used for a very short period of time in the late 30s. The drum its self is in overall good condition, there are a couple of filled holes from where the twin strainer once was and now in its place is a vintage Leedy strainer and butt, its been fixed up very well and the extra holes are almost invisible from the out side. The hoops are the thick solid NOB type but are suffering from plating loss (as seen in the pics). There is a stamp inside from the early 60s, this may have been a maintenance  stamp? These  early 3ply shells are very different than the 50s and 60s shells, the inner core ply on this drum is very thick and at first glance looks like a single ply drum.

Deep sounding as one would expect, but warm, throaty and powerful.

A players drum due to the strainer and plating

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