Late 30S Early 40S Gretsch Gladstone 15 X 8.5  WMP Snare
Billy Gladstone was Radio City’s drummer in New York in the 1930’s. He was accomplished drummer who also had some very definite ideas about drums and their construction. He invented an ingenious tuning system that allowed him to tune his snare drum without lifting it off its stand. This three way, or in some cases a two way tuning system. This one is a 2 way tuning 3 ply shell with re-rings.
A mega rare drum and the size!! 15 x 8.5! huge! but surprisingly sensitive. In all round superb condition and complete with the 3 way tuning key and fully working “ring eliminator”
Original 15″ stick copper hoops and Gladstone tuning rods (one rod is a little rounded but still turns). The drum size has been engraved into the wrap, sometimes an indicator of high school or military use.
I really don’t ever expect to see another in this size and such fun to play!
 Price: £SOLD!!
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