WMP Slingerland Radio King Snare     14 x 8

Late 50s WMP steam bent Radio King in the far rarer size of 14 x 8.

In overall beautiful  condition,  the shell has almost no ring separation and beautiful grain on the inside, neat drilling and no glue runs, looks to have been factory finished to a higher standard on the interior than usual, may have been an artist drum or special order.

There is small amount of cracking on the wrap near the dampener knob (pictured)

All the metal is top notch and free from pitting, on close inspection the bottom hoop is an older nickel plated hoop from the 40s, all the rest is bright chrome.

Sounds SO good!!  Can be used for a super fat back beat, thick wooden cross stick but also has many other colours to its palette.

Price: £SOLD!!


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