1950s WFL Aqua Sparkle Drum Kit 22,13,16 

Quite a hard colour to find, Aqua sparkle was never actually catalogued or the official name for it,The closest was Blue glitter..some of which was double sided with red glitter glass, this turned the Blue more of a Turquoise and you can see the red glitter at the seam inside the bass drum. Over all the drums are in good shape with no extra holes or mods, some claws have the WFL logo imprinted and others don’t, the inlays are the only unoriginal part (they are aged silver glitter) Some tuning rods are unoriginal. There are some dark spots, scrapes and scratches to wrap. On a good note, both toms have COB hoops and the set looks incredible under lights, like 1000s of little blue diamonds.The raw mahogany interiors give a beautiful warm tone and tune up easily.

The set is more turquoise than the pics, Great price for a rare coloured WFL set.

Price: SOLD

  • 1950s WFL Aqua Sparkle Drum Kit 22,13,16

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