Mid 1950s Radio King Set  WMP     24/13/16

A factory matched Radio king Set circa 54-57  in very nice condition. This set is on the third smaller oval or what some call the “dog tag” badge and is the last of the true Radio king sets with the wide internal re-rings. The wrap is lightly faded to a creamy WMP but is beautiful and tight with no seam lift.

Interestingly the lugs on the 13″ are large and small on the 16″, this would have been one of the very first Slingerlands to wear the new Sound King lugs back in the 50s.. nice metal wear all round and stick saver hoops on the toms, the floor tom legs are straight but unoriginal and the bass drum spurs are the older clip on type (both look the same but are different brands. There is one extra drill hole on the bass drum but is completely hidden under one of the cymbal mounts, other than that it looks to be a very nicely constructed with no ply separation great edges and all clean and tidy on the inside, along with the owners name in pencil on every interior. Fitted with virtually new heads all round this an absolutely  stunning kit and fun to play.


Price: £SOLD!!



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